Learning a new skills requires explanation, repetition, practice, and application.

Training programs can provide a starting point for learning, including the tools needed for ongoing practice, but transferring new skills to the workplace can take additional effort and present further challenges. To help address these challenges, our team offers ongoing mentoring assistance.


Our mentors work in your environment on a periodic basis to ensure that skills learned in training can be integrated into your operations most efficiently.

They help your team identify areas where new skills can be applied to existing challenges, identify procedural changes to optimize the integration of the new skills, offer on-site training review and practice sessions, and assist in performing the new skills in your environment during initial implementation.

Mentoring allows our team to better understand your unique environment and requirements to help not only incorporate the lessons from structured training, but also to provide consultation and guidance on ways in which your organization might be able to optimize performance.

Our mentorship programs are customized for each client based on their needs and desired budget. We can augment a structured training program with additional exercises and technical assistance, review and revise organization process, provide strategic management consulting, and even augment your staff with additional long-term placement. We can provide a whole-of-organization approach, working with senior leadership on strategic concerns, management on policy and procedure revisions, and technical practitioners on implementing hands-on skills.

Our level of involvement and support is entirely up to the preferences of each customer organization.

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