Security Testing

Many organizations believe that they understand their IT security posture; however, these self-assessed opinions are frequently incorrect.

Working with our network of global partners, we offer security testing services that validate the actual security position of your organization. We encourage our customers to engage in frequent testing of their security controls to identify gaps, optimize configurations, increase tool interoperability, and maximize their return on investment. Using a risk-based approach, we help you target assessments of your various data silos across on-premise, cloud services, backup sites, user endpoints, and identity services.


Our team understands the latest attacks used by state-sponsored and financially-motivated attackers across a wide range of target industries. We apply this understanding to emulate likely attacks from a variety of perspectives. This helps us not only assess your overall security posture but also quantify the potential damage that could occur from breaches.

We support purple team engagements by working hand-in-hand with your network defenders to not only identify gaps but also illustrate ways in which preventive and detective controls can be used to close them. We can further expand our efforts to assist you in engaging in methodical threat hunts based on the identified gaps to assess if an adversary might have exploited identified issues (vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, inadequate controls, etc.) prior to their identification.

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