Our Services

Our team can help you understand the risks you face, identify gaps in your current cyber security posture, address those gaps with cost-effective controls, and increase your cyber resiliency.

We offer the training, mentoring, policy development, ongoing consultation, and technology needed to harden your organization and the information assets upon which it relies.


Our team has unparalleled experience in instructional design and delivery of lectures and practical exercises, in English or multiple other languages through translation and simultaneous interpretation.


Training programs can provide a starting point for learning, including the tools needed for ongoing practice, but transferring new skills to the workplace can take additional effort and present further challenges.

Policy and Procedure Development

Our management consulting services can help you evaluate your existing processes, identify areas of potential improvement, and modify policies and procedures to help your team reach its full potential.

Security Testing

Using a risk-based approach, we help you target assessments of your various data silos across on-premise, cloud services, backup sites, user endpoints, and identity services.

Security Design

Many organizations struggle with the best ways to approach the security of their information and operations. We can help you design a cost-effective approach to securing your information.

Virtual CISO

A virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) provides your organization with an external consultant to help you navigate the requirements of information security for your organization.


Our team has 30 years of experience working in digital investigations and cyber security.

We have worked with national government agencies and multinational companies in dozens of countries to guide national cyber security strategy, improve cyber resilience of critical national infrastructure, identify strategic and tactical gaps in cyber security implementations, design information security systems, and develop meaningful organizational cybersecurity capability and capacity.

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