Virtual CISO

Many organizations do not have the budget or staffing to support a full-time chief information security officer, resulting in either pushing this critical responsibility down to an operational manager or requiring another senior executive to take on an additional role that might be outside of their area of expertise.

Neither of these approaches provides the institutional support to and visibility over information security that is needed.


A virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) provides your organization with an external consultant to help you navigate the requirements of information security for your organization.

A vCISO can provide objective opinions to help guide strategic decisions, offer technical guidance on design and implementation issues, and help develop and oversee your information security program.

Our vCISO service seeks to help your team develop the in-house capability and capacity needed to become not only secure, but also self sufficient. We provide not only quality leadership and technical guidance but also emphasize knowledge transfer to your team.

Whether you have a single project that needs additional technical guidance or need to organically develop your information security posture over time, our vCISO service can help.

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